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What is Addiction?

Addiction is a brain disease. Substance dependence is its another name. Therefore, it is a chronic disorder. Addiction becomes uncontrollable at times. A person is unable to stop using a substance. Or engaging in any activity. This activity proves to be addictive. Addiction is harmful. Because knowing adverse consequences, the person doesn’t stop. Hence, this can be inability to stop taking part in

  • Gambling

  • Sexual activities

  • Gaming

  • Drinking

  • Drug use, etc.

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Addiction can be in the above forms. This can be very harmful. A person can feel numb. But How can it be observed? What are the signs and symptoms? Let’s discuss.


There can be varying symptoms. It is not specific. But here we can provide an idea. Therefore, following may be few:-

  • Addictive person may become irritative. He/she may like no company. Hence develops irritating behaviour. May get disgusted by all. The person may not like others who speak against his addiction. This happens when he’s asked not to do. Ultimately, he asks for a life with his “wanted” activities. Where he doesn’t want anyone to guide him.

  • The person may also become argumentative. He may start arguing over little things. Because he may feel anxious. Anxiety develops due to addiction. Because of mental imbalance.

  • He may start avoiding important engagements. As his own company is good to him. These can be family gatherings, school functions, etc. He may avoid these involvements. Therefore, this can be a major sign.

  • The person may give excuses. Because he cannot explain his situation. This can be in order to not confront people. Avoiding confrontations results in less engagements. This creates more anxiety. He may miss school/work. Because he maybe craving for personal time.

  • Individual starts giving up easily. This results in depression at times. To know how can we treat depression, click here.

Gaming Addiction

This is usually referred as most common problem. Because our generation is techno-friendly. Use of technology isn’t bad till not addicted. This type of dependence ruins survival. Many children and teenagers are addicted to games. For example:- Games like PUBG (click here to know)

Playing games isn’t bad. These games help us to develop many skills. It can develop our mental ability, concentration, focus, etc. But addiction to anything is dangerous. Therefore, playing games more than usual creates problems. It can affect your health. If addicted, can make you impulsive and irritative. The above mentioned signs can be observed. Anxiety issues can be developed. Hence, excessive strain on eyes can lead to migraines. Know what are migraines? Click here to Know.

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Addiction to gaming can be treated in the following ways:

  • Meditation is a good way. It helps a person to relax. This provides mental calmness. It is affective in controlling addictions.
  • Divert yourself. Because this can help in indulging in other activities. Do not sit without any work. Therefore, engage yourself in productive activities. This will reduce dependence.
  • Therapies by the family can be effective. Emotional therapies are helpful. Parents and siblings can do. Hence, family is the first one to help. Because no one can put more effect.
  • Sessions of counselling can be arranged. Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals to the same. Therefore, proper use of these sessions can aid.

Drug Addiction

Drugs are medicines used for several cures. People consume for relief. Therefore, drugs are available for almost all problems. These are aiding elements. But some people consume addictively. This leads to dependence. Hence, it causes problematic situations. People shouldn’t use drugs without prescriptions. They maybe addictive. Therefore, it can harm. Drugs can be harmful when overused. People may consume these for mental temporary relief. But it affects badly.

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Addiction to drugs can be treated in following ways:

  • Approach to the doctor. Explain your situation. He can help you for sure. Because he is knowledgeable in this field. No one else can do this better.
  • Meditation helps in overall improvement. It is a safest aid. It relaxes the mind. This is the most effective technique.
  • Spend time with friends and family. They can help you. Share your problems with them. Because they are your well wishers.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food. Thus it can make you feel contented.
  • Engage yourself in productive activities. This can divert the mind. Therefore, it can decrease dependence.
  • Counselling session may also work. Brainwashing techniques are helpful. This can present clear picture of reality.


Addiction can be a temporary part of life. Do not let it be permanent and ruin. You can easily treat addiction if your will is strong. Dependency is “okay” till it affects your life.


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